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Kangen Water, The Lexus of Akalized Water… My Story.

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VID00396Kangen Water..The Lexus of Akalized Water, Micro Clustered Water and Oxidation Reduction Potentiality.
One year ago a friend of my wife from college contacted us and said that he had survived a bout with testicular cancer.
After doing both Allopathic (Radiation) and Alternative methods (clinic in Mexico),

he owed his survival and recovery to a Alkalized water machine that was being used in Japan for 35 years and was in 20% off all Japanese homes.

He said, drinking this water saved his life.

I was skeptical, I’ve been studying Natural health, medicine, Longevity since 1977, when I became very ill while studying in France. My Doctor in Tucson had me drinking distilled water since 1979.

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